At Osteopat Copenhagen, we offer courses for professional practitioners at different levels that cover the various techniques and approaches for treatment.
Our courses are oriented toward practitioners who would like to deepen or further develop their clinical work.
Courses are offered both as individual lessons and the supervision of practitioners as well as for group lessons for clinic staff members or associations of practitioners.
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In addition to his work at the clinic, Peter Maack Groes gives lectures about osteopathy and about his own personal history.
With the use of a number of concrete examples from his work experience, Peter Maack Groes presents an introduction to osteopathy and the osteopathic principles of treatment, and explains how osteopathy differs from other forms of therapy.
In addition, Peter tells about his life, his own experiences with osteopathy and his career path where he started out as an engineer and became a professional dancer, then a choreographer and finally a practicing therapist and instructor. The lectures are targeted and adapted as desired and are suitable for informational meetings or presentations for discussion in associations, sports clubs, patient groups or for after-hours meetings at companies.

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